Hi, we do exceptional stock charting and forecasting

Chart For Polio

This slick Microsoft Windows app makes it easy for you to explore and forecast any stock you throw at it!

If helping your portfolio is not enough, the funds this app raises are used to vaccinate kids from the crippling and terminal virus polio.


Next Day Prediction

Forecast Next Swing

Automatic Trend Lines

Predicting the next day’s price is easy! The leading indicator gives you the open, high, low and close of the next day. Take the tour. Want to be in on the next big move? Chart For Polio has technology for predicting market moves so that you can! Take the tour. Do you sometimes find it hard to draw support and resistance lines? With one click, they will be drawn for you! Take the tour.

Global Data

Beautiful Charts

Saves Children

Have free access to American, English and the Australian markets as well as global indices and currencies! Take the tour. Chart For Polio gives you insight into any stock or currency with beautiful & detailed charts. Never miss a thing! Take the tour. We’re using the money to vaccinate 1 million children against polio. At 30¢ per child, your $4.95 saves over 16 children! Find out more.
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